(a)  Each operating room shall have an emergency communication system connected to the operating suite control station.

(b)  A separate room for direct observation of post-anesthesia surgical patients shall be provided.  This space shall include medicine dispensing facilities, hand washing facilities, charting facilities, clinical sink with flushing device, and storage space for supplies and equipment.  A toilet room for nursing staff with water closet and lavatory shall be provided adjacent to the recovery room.  Provisions shall also be made for observation and isolation of infectious patients.

(c)  Service areas shall be provided in individual rooms when so noted; otherwise, alcoves or other open space which will not interfere with traffic may be used.  Services, except for the soiled workroom and the janitor's closet, may be shared with and organized as a part of the obstetrical facilities.  The following service areas shall be provided:

(1)           An operating suite control station.  The station shall be located to permit visual surveillance of all traffic which enters the operating suite or provisions shall be made to prevent unauthorized entry into the suite;

(2)           Supervisor's office or station;

(3)           Sterilizing facilities with a high speed autoclave located to serve the operating rooms;

(4)           Medicine dispensing facilities;

(5)           Scrub stations adjacent to each operating room and arranged to minimize any incidental splatter on nearby personnel or supply carts.  A minimum of two scrub sinks per operating room shall be provided.  Facilities with no more than three operating rooms may reduce the number of scrub sinks to four;

(6)           A soiled workroom containing a flushing device, a work counter, and a sink equipped for hand washing;

(7)           A soiled linen holding room with a sink equipped for hand washing.  This service may be combined with soiled workroom and/or trash holding room;

(8)           A trash holding room with a sink equipped for hand washing.  This service may be combined with the soiled workroom and/or soiled linen holding room;

(9)           Clean workroom or clean supply room when clean materials require assembly prior to use and this assembly is performed within the surgical suite.  This room shall contain a work counter, a sink equipped for hand washing and space for clean and sterile supplies.  A clean supply room shall be provided when the program defines a system for the storage and distribution of clean and sterile supplies which would not require the use of a clean workroom;

(10)         Anesthesia storage.  If facility bylaws do not prohibit flammable anesthetics, a separate room shall be provided for storage of flammable gases;

(11)         Anesthesia workroom with a work counter and sink for cleaning, testing, and storage of anesthesia equipment;

(12)         A room for storage of medical gas reserve cylinders;

(13)         Equipment storage room for equipment and supplies used in surgical suite;

(14)         Staff clothing change areas appropriate for male and female personnel working within the surgical suite.  These areas shall contain lockers, showers, toilets, lavatories, and space for donning scrub suits and boots.  These areas shall be arranged to provide a one-way traffic pattern so that personnel entering from outside the surgical suite can change, shower, gown and move directly into the surgical suite;

(15)         Patients' holding area to accommodate stretcher patients waiting for surgery.  This waiting area shall be under the visual control of operating room staff and shall be in a room or in an alcove out of the direct line of normal traffic;

(16)         Storage area for stretchers out of the corridor width;

(17)         Staff lounges and toilet facilities for staff located to facilitate use without leaving the surgical suite; and

(18)         Janitors' closet containing a floor receptor or service sink and storage space for housekeeping supplies and equipment for the exclusive use of the surgical suite.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E-79;

Eff. January 1, 1996.