10A NCAC 14A .0302      GENERAL

(a)  The Division has established an appeal process for nursing facility residents who have been notified of transfer or discharge.  All residents who have been advised of the date of transfer or discharge in writing, may request that the Division Hearing Officer set a date for a fair hearing in accordance with and subject to these Rules.

(b)  The Rules of Civil Procedure as contained in G.S. 1A‑1 and the General Rules of Practice for the Superior and District Courts as authorized by G.S. 7A‑34 and found in the Rules Volume of the North Carolina General Statutes shall not apply in any hearings held by the Division Hearing Officer unless another specific statute or rule provides otherwise.  Division hearings are not hearings within the meaning of G.S. Chapter 150B and will not be governed by the provision of that Chapter unless otherwise stated in these Rules.  Parties may be represented by counsel at the hearing.


History Note:        Authority 42 U.S.C.S. 1396r(e)(3) and (f)(3); 42 C.F.R. 483.12; G.S. 143B‑165(10);

Eff. August 3, 1992.