(a)  The Division shall issue a certificate if it finds the facility can:

(1)           Comply with all requirements described in this Subchapter; and

(2)           Assure that, in the event that complications arise from the abortion procedure, an OB-GYN board certified or board eligible physician shall be available.

(b)  Each certificate shall be issued only for the premises and persons or organizations named in the application and shall not be transferable.

(c)  The governing authority shall notify the Division in writing, within 10 working days, of any change in the name of the facility or change in the name of the administrator.

(d)  The facility shall report to the Division all incidents, within 10 working days, of vandalism to the facility such as fires, explosions or other action causing disruption of services.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 14‑45.1(a);

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Readopted Eff. December 19, 1977;

Amended Eff. July 1, 1994.