(a)  The Department shall be notified, in writing, at least 30 days prior to the effective date, of any expected occurrences of the following:

(1)           change in program ownership;

(2)           change in program name;

(3)           change of the premises in which a program is conducted; and

(4)           the replacement or termination of employment of the program director.

(b)  If a 30-day advanced written notification of any occurrence enumerated in Paragraph (a) of this Rule is not possible, the Department shall be notified immediately, by any reasonably reliable means of notification, of such expected or completed occurrence, and written notification shall follow immediately thereafter.

(c)  Upon the occurrences enumerated in Subparagraphs (a)(1), (2), and (3) of this Rule, the owner of the program shall file with the Department an application for certification, which, at a minimum, shall contain the information specified in Rule .1202(b) of this Subchapter, and shall provide such other documentation and information as requested by the Department.

(d)  The revised program shall be evaluated for compliance with the provisions of the Article and this Section.  Evaluation may be based upon inspection of the program or upon review of requested information submitted by a program to the Department.  After a determination by the Department that the program substantially complies with the provisions of the Article and this Subchapter, a new certificate shall be issued.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E-169;

Eff. July 1, 2000;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. December 6, 2016.