(a)  The purpose of this Rule is to address communication procedures concerning out of the home-community placements for children and adolescents.  This includes children and adolescents served through the area authority or county program developmental disabilities, mental health and substance abuse services system and those children and adolescents residing in ICF-MR facilities in their catchment areas.

(b)  Area authority or county program representative(s) shall meet with the parent(s) or legal guardian and other representatives involved in the care and treatment of the child or adolescent, including local Department of Social Services (DSS), Local Education Agency (LEA) and criminal justice agency, to make service planning decisions prior to the placement of the child and adolescent out of the home-community.  The area authority or county program may use existing child and family teams for this purpose.

(c)  The home-community area authority or county program shall be responsible for notification of placement.  The notification of placement shall be made via e-mail, fax or hard copy within three business days after out of home-community placement occurs.  In case of an emergency, notification may be by telephone with written notification occurring the next day.  The following entities shall be notified:

(1)           legal guardian;

(2)           other representatives involved in the care and treatment of the child or adolescent;

(3)           host-community provider; and

(4)           host-community representatives (may include the court counselor, county DSS, regional Children's Developmental Services Agency (CDSA) or the LEA.

(d)  Notification shall be completed on a form provided by the Secretary, to include the following information:

(1)           child or adolescent information: name, date of birth, grade, identification number, social security number, date of placement out of home-community;

(2)           parent/legal guardian information: name, address, telephone number;

(3)           home-DDS and host-DSS information: county; contact person name, address, telephone number;

(4)           home-area authority/county program and host-area authority/county program information: name of program; contact person name, address, telephone number;

(5)           home-school and host-school information: school name, address, telephone number, principal, special education program administrator: or

(6)           person completing notification form information: name, date form completed, agency, address and telephone number.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122C-113; 143B-139.1; 150B-21.1;

Temporary Adoption Eff. July 1, 2003;

Eff. July 1, 2004.