(a)  Eligibility.  Clients served shall be eligible for ADVP regardless of financial resources with the exception of a client whose work earnings exceed 60% of the prevailing wage over a consecutive 90‑day period.  Eligibility for clients in non‑supported employment settings whose earnings have exceeded over 60% of the prevailing wage for over 90 consecutive days may be extended for up to one calendar year if supported employment options are not available locally and the client is ineligible for other services from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, or if the client's social, behavioral or vocational skill deficits preclude participation in supported employment options and results in ineligibility for other vocational rehabilitation services.  The eligibility extension shall occur through the annual habilitation planning process carried out by the designated area program qualified developmental disabilities professional.  Requests for the extension shall be based on a joint case review involving a representative of the involved ADVP, the local VR unit and the area program.  The request shall identify the specific skill deficits precluding eligibility for supported employment or other vocational rehabilitation services and include plans for addressing these deficits.  The certification extension may be reapplied for a maximum of two times only.  The same criteria and procedures shall be followed in each instance of reapplication as are required for the initial extension.

(b)  Admissions.  Each ADVP shall have written admission policies and procedures.

(1)           A pre‑admission staffing shall be held for each client considered for admission to the ADVP.  During the staffing, information shall be considered regarding the client's medical, psychological, social, and vocational histories.

(2)           Results of the pre‑admission staffing shall be documented and forwarded to the referral or sponsoring agency.  The client shall be notified of the results of the staffing.

(3)           A qualified developmental disabilities professional of the area program shall certify the eligibility of each client for the ADVP service.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 122C‑51; 143B‑147;

Eff. May 1, 1996.