(a)  Application Process:  Facilities licensed to provide substance abuse services by the Division of Health Service Regulation, or determined by DHSR to be exempt from license under the provisions of G.S. 122C-22 are eligible to apply for Authorization to provide services to DWI offenders.

(b)  The DWI/Criminal Justice Branch of the Substance Abuse Section of the DMHDDSAS will provide application materials to facilities within 10 business days of the receipt of the request.  Requests may be made in writing to DWI Services, 3008 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-3008.

(c)  The applicant facility shall submit the application form and required supportive documentation to DWI Services for review.

(d)  When the review of the facility documents confirms that the applicant is in compliance with applicable Rules, Statutes and the Code of Facility Conduct, the facility will be authorized to begin services to DWI offenders.

(e)  A decision on the application for Authorization shall be communicated to the facility within 20 business days of the receipt of the application by the DMH/DD/SAS.  Upon approval, a five-digit Facility Code shall be issued to identify the facility as authorized to provide services to DWI offenders.

(f)  Term of Authorization:  Facility Authorization to provide DWI services shall be granted for a period not to exceed two years.

(g)  A facility's Authorization shall expire at any time the facility license ceases to be in effect.

(h)  Facility Monitoring of Authorized Facilities:  Facility compliance reviews shall be conducted according to a schedule determined by DMH/DD/SAS. The interval between reviews for any facility shall be no greater than two years.

(i)  Compliance problems and program deficiencies will be addressed in the review and correction plans developed with the facility.  Each correction plan will have a follow-up plan.

(j)  Refusal to complete a correction plan or persistent non-compliance will be grounds for suspension until correction or revocation of the Authorization.

(k)  The DMH/DD/SAS will conduct reviews of reports and DWI Certificates of Completion Forms generated by facilities. Compliance and procedural problems will be addressed through communication with facilities and correction plans.

(l)  Written complaints of misconduct against facilities shall be forwarded to the DMH/DD/SAS.  All written complaints will be reviewed and investigated.  When non-compliance is confirmed, it will be addressed with the facility through communication, correction plans or the suspension/revocation process.

(m)  Suspension and Revocation:  DMHDDSAS may suspend or revoke a facility's authorization to provide services to DWI offenders at any time for failure to comply with applicable Statutes and Rules. 

(n)  Such suspension or revocation will apply to the Authorization to serve DWI offenders and will not directly affect the facility's license to serve the public at large.  The DMH/DD/SAS will inform licensing and certification bodies of any such action against a facility and its staff.

(o)  In circumstances in which the direct care of a client is compromised or when there is failure to comply with a specific statute or rule concerning services to clients, the suspension shall be immediate. Serious and persistent non-compliance will result in revocation of the approval.

(p)  When the non-compliance involves procedural or programmatic issues and presents no immediate threat to clients, the facility will be afforded an opportunity to propose and complete a plan of correction to be monitored by the DMH/DD/SAS.

(q)  Failure to complete the correction plans, which were the subject of a suspension, will result in revocation of the Authorization.

(r)  A facility whose Authorization has been revoked may apply for Authorization after one year upon demonstration that all relevant problems have been corrected.

(s)  Revocation Process:  The Branch Head will initiate action affecting the Authorization of a facility.  Such action shall be limited to the following:

(1)           Revocation of the Authorization;

(2)           Suspension of the Authorization until such time as the problem is corrected and the correction verified; or

(3)           A Written Correction Plan shall be completed by the facility while continuing to operate under close monitoring.

(t)  Appeal Process:  A facility whose Authorization is revoked may appeal to the DWI Quality Improvement panel for a review of the revocation within 30 working days from the date of notification. 

(u)  An appeal hearing shall be scheduled and conducted by the DWI Quality Improvement Panel within 60 working days after the request.

(v)  The facility owner shall be notified, in writing of the decision of the DWI Quality Improvement Panel within 30 working days after the hearing.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-17.6(c); 122C-22; 122C-142.1;

Eff. April 1, 2001.