(a)  Following the completion of the assessment process, which may include a staffing conference and review of the assessment by the supervisor, the agency or clinician performing the assessment shall inform the individual of the service level required.

(b)  If treatment is required the individual shall be informed, in writing, of any other available treatment facilities within the county, both private and public, which provide the level of required treatment.

(c)  Facilities shall refer any individual who is required to attend ADETS to the area authority, or its designated agency. A DMH 508-R Form and documentation of the driving record, alcohol concentration and the DSM diagnosis shall accompany all referrals regardless of the level of service.  There shall be no charge for providing these documents within the state.

(d)  The agency or clinician performing the assessment shall inform the client of the possible consequences of failing to comply with required treatment or ADETS.

(e)  All persons assessed shall be provided written documentation that explains the requirements for reinstatement of the drivers license, including the minimum hours and duration of service.  If a level of treatment is required, this written documentation shall be in the form of a client contract that minimally addresses program requirements and fees.

(f)  When a language barrier is identified the assessing agency shall arrange for the services of an interpreter to assist in the services provided as defined in Rule .3805(14) of this Section.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-17.6(c); 122C-142.1; 143B-147;

Eff. April 1, 2001.