10A NCAC 27g .4002      STAFF

(a)  Each TASC staff member shall have a baccalaureate degree in either criminal justice or human service related fields or an associate of arts degree with four years experience in criminal justice or human service related fields.

(b)  TASC personnel shall receive continuing education in the following areas:

(1)           the physiological, sociological and psychological correlates of substance abuse;

(2)           substance abuse treatment;

(3)           judicial and political issues related to substance abuse; and

(4)           substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation resources.

(c)  Each TASC program shall provide its staff with:

(1)           a revised and documented training plan, completed annually;

(2)           a schedule for implementation of the plan;

(3)           documentation of at least 32 hours annually of TASC relevant training which shall include, but need not be limited to, the following:

(A)          TASC mission and philosophy;

(B)          pharmacology;

(C)          sentencing practices;

(D)          assessment of drug dependency;

(E)           substance abuse treatment modalities and expectations; and

(F)           case management.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143B‑147;

Eff. May 1, 1996.