10a NCAC 27g .4103      OPERATIONS

(a)  Admissions:

(1)           Admission to the facility shall be a joint decision of the designated qualified professional, the provider of residential care, and the individual.

(2)           The individual shall have the opportunity for at least one pre-admission visit to the facility except for an emergency admission.

(b)  Coordination Of Treatment And Education To Children In The Facility:  Each facility or multi-unit facility shall provide or make arrangements for the following:

(1)           The appropriate education program for a child shall be coordinated with his/her service plan.

(2)           Each child shall receive preventive and primary health care services.

(3)           Each child shall have required immunizations as specified by G.S. 130A-152.

(4)           Each child, birth through four years of age, shall receive a behavioral health and developmental screening, and if appropriate, receive a multi-disciplinary evaluation by qualified professionals for early childhood intervention services.  Parents shall be provided information on services that the child is eligible for or entitled to receive at screening and evaluation.

(5)           Each child five years of age and over, shall receive a behavioral health and developmental screening, and if appropriate, be evaluated for child mental health and substance abuse disorder(s) by a qualified professional(s).

(6)           Each child three years of age and over, shall receive substance abuse prevention services to address at- risk factors associated with being a child in a high-risk family.

(c)  Emergency Medical Services:  Each facility shall ensure the availability of emergency medical services to include:

(1)           immediate access to a physician;

(2)           acute care hospital services; and

(3)           assistance from a local ambulance service, rescue squad or other trained medical personnel within 20 minutes of the facility.

(d)  Schedules:  The facility shall:

(1)           have a written schedule for daily routine  activities; and

(2)           establish a schedule for the provision of treatment and rehabilitation services.

(e)  Discharge Plan:  Before discharging the client, the facility shall complete a discharge plan for each client and refer each client who has completed services to the level of treatment or rehabilitation in accordance with the client needs.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143B-147;

Eff. May 1, 1996;

Temporary Amendment Eff. February 15, 2002;

Amended Eff. April 1, 2003.