11 NCAC 08 .0718             COURSE SPONSORS

(a)  A course sponsor is an organization or individual that has submitted an application and has been approved by the Board to provide courses and instructors for continuing education. No retroactive approval of a sponsor shall be granted by the Board for any reason.

(b)  A prospective sponsor of a CE course shall obtain written approval from the Board to conduct the course before offering or conducting the course and before advertising or otherwise representing that the course is or may be approved for continuing education credit.

(c)  Sponsors may include community colleges; colleges and universities; CEO associations; trade associations; providers of self-paced or internet based training programs; city, county, and state inspection departments or other agencies; and private instructors. A prospective sponsor shall be approved by the Board as a course sponsor if, upon submission of a completed application under Paragraph (d) of this Rule, the Board determines that at least one course proposed to be offered by the prospective sponsor meets the criteria for course approval under 11 NCAC 08 .0720, each instructor that is to offer course instruction for the prospective sponsor satisfies the requirements of Paragraph (e) of this Rule, and there are no other grounds under the laws of North Carolina on the basis of which approval should not be granted to the sponsor.

(d)  Each course sponsor shall submit an application for continuing education course sponsor approval to the Board on a form provided by the Board. The application shall include:

(1)           The name of the sponsor;

(2)           The sponsor contact person, address and telephone number;

(3)           The course contact hours;

(4)           A description of the courses or types of courses the sponsor proposes to offer and the schedule of courses, if established, including dates, time and locations; and

(5)           The identity and qualifications and experience of each instructor.

(e)  Instructors shall have a minimum of one year of experience in architecture; engineering; construction; inspection; installation of equipment, building materials, or components; or other Code-related areas which shall be pertinent to the nature and purpose of the course(s) for which they will provide instruction. Instructors shall possess the ability to:

(1)           Communicate through speech, with the ability to speak clearly, and with voice inflection, using proper grammar and vocabulary;

(2)           Present instruction in a thorough, accurate, logical, orderly and understandable manner;

(3)           Use varied instructional techniques in addition to straight lecture, such as class discussion, role-playing, or other techniques; and

(4)           Use instructional aids, such as projectors and computers to enhance learning.

Instructors shall assure that class sessions are started on time and are conducted for the full amount of time that is scheduled. Instructors shall also assure that each CE course is taught according to the course outline and plan that was approved by the Board, including the furnishing of approved student materials.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-151.13A(f)(2);

Eff. March 1, 2006;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. January 9, 2018.