(a)  The home inspector shall inspect:

(1)           Insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces;

(2)           Ventilation of attics and foundation areas;

(3)           Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry venting systems; and

(4)           The operation of any readily accessible attic ventilation fan, and, when temperature permits, the operation of any readily accessible thermostatic control.

(b)  The home inspector shall describe:

(1)           Insulation in unfinished spaces; and

(2)           The absence of insulation in unfinished space at conditioned surfaces.

(c)  The home inspector is not required to report on:

(1)           Concealed insulation and vapor retarders; or

(2)           Venting equipment that is integral with household appliances.

(d)  The home inspector shall:

(1)           Move insulation where readily visible evidence indicates the possibility of a problem; and

(2)           Move floor insulation where plumbing drain/waste pipes penetrate floors, adjacent to earth-filled stoops or porches, and at exterior doors.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143-151.49;

Codifier determined that agency findings did not meet criteria for temporary rule Eff. October 15, 1996;

Temporary Adoption Eff. October 24, 1996;

Eff. July 1, 1998;

Amended Eff. February 1, 2007; April 1, 2005; May 1, 2003.