11 NCAC 17 .0104             COUNSELORS

(a)  Counselors shall not engage in the solicitation of insurance sales.  Licensed insurance agents and employees of insurance companies are not eligible for training and certification as counselors by SHIIP.

(b)  No counselor shall provide counseling services under this Chapter unless he or she has been trained and certified by SHIIP.

(c)  Before providing any counseling services, counselors shall disclose, in writing, to recipients of counseling services pursuant to this Chapter that the counselors are acting in good faith to provide information about the Medicare program and about health insurance policies and benefits on a volunteer basis, but that the information shall not be construed to be legal advice.

(d)  Counselors shall not endorse any particular insurance company or insurance agency, agent, broker, brokerage firm, or other private provider of health insurance.

(e)  Counselors shall keep all consultations with recipients of counseling services confidential, except for filing of reports with SHIIP employees.


History Note:        :  Authority G.S. 58‑2‑40(1); 58‑54‑25; 58‑55‑30;

Eff. July 1, 1992.