11 NCAC 18 .0103             FILING REQUIREMENTS

(a)  All communications and filings must be made with the Compliance Officer, Technical Services Group, North Carolina Department of Insurance, P.O. Box 26387, Raleigh, N.C. 27611.  To apply for licensure, in addition to the information required by G.S. 58‑49‑50, the following items pertaining to the MEWA must be submitted:

(1)           Form MEWA‑1 entitled "Application for License for Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA);"

(2)           Form MEWA‑2 entitled "Financial Statement", which shall contain the information required by G.S. 58‑49‑50(8);

(3)           Signed and notarized biographical affidavits by all trustees of the MEWA on Form MEWA‑3 entitled "Biographical Questionnaire", which shall contain information to enable the Commissioner to determine if such persons satisfy the criteria specified in G.S. 58‑49‑40(e);

(4)           A complete list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of participating employers and the number of employees covered by the MEWA; and

(5)           A statement of the reasons for applying for a North Carolina MEWA license; a description of exactly how the MEWA proposes to develop and supervise its operations in North Carolina; the name, title, and qualifications of the person who will be responsible for the MEWA's operation in North Carolina (the managing general agent if the MEWA is domiciled outside of North Carolina); and the location of and a description of the office facilities that will be provided by the MEWA in North Carolina.

(b)  All forms may be obtained from the Compliance Officer.  Every application must contain a certification that any changes to the information required by G.S. 58‑49‑50 and this Rule shall be reported to the Commissioner.

(c)  During the pendency of an application, the MEWA shall keep all required information, statements, documents, and materials current and factual.

(d)  An application for a license is not complete until the MEWA has satisfied the Commissioner that the MEWA is in compliance with all of the requirements of Article 49 of General Statute Chapter 58 and this Section.  The Commissioner is not required to process an incomplete application.

(e)  All financial information required by G.S. 58‑49‑50 and this Section shall be prepared in accordance with statutory accounting principles.

(f)  Any change in the information required by Article 49 of General Statute Chapter 58 or by this Section shall, unless otherwise specified in that Article or in this Section, be reported to the Commissioner within two business days after such change.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 58‑2‑40(1); 58‑49‑40; 58‑49‑50; 58‑49‑60;

Eff. July 1, 1992.