(a)  Each delivery of a commission-approved "Telecommunicator Certification Course" is considered to be a unit as set forth in this Section. Each trainee shall attend and satisfactorily complete a full course during a scheduled delivery. The school director may develop supplemental rules as set forth in 12 NCAC 10B .0709(a)(7), but may not add substantive courses, or change or expand the substance of the courses set forth in 12 NCAC 10B .1301. This Rule does not prevent the instruction on local agency rules or standards but such instruction shall not be considered or endorsed by the Commission for purposes of certification. The Director may issue prior written authorization for a specified trainee's limited enrollment in a subsequent delivery of the same course where the school director provides evidence that:

(1)           the trainee attended and satisfactorily completed specified class hours and topics of the "Telecommunicator Certification Course" but through extended absence occasioned by illness, accident, or emergency was absent for more than 10 percent of the total class hours of the course offering; or

(2)           the trainee was granted excused absences by the school director that did not exceed 10 percent of the total class hours for the course offering and the school director could not schedule appropriate make‑up work during the current course offering as specified in 12 NCAC 10B .1305(c) due to valid reasons; or

(3)           the trainee participated in an offering of the "Telecommunicator Certification Course" but had an identified deficiency in essential knowledge or skill in either one or two, but no more than two, of the specified topic areas incorporated in the course content as prescribed under 12 NCAC 10B .1302(b).

(b)  An authorization of limited enrollment in a subsequent course delivery may not be used by the Director unless in addition to the evidence required by Paragraph (a) of this Rule:

(1)           the trainee submits a written request to the Director, justifying the limited enrollment and certifying that the trainee's participation shall be accomplished pursuant to Paragraph (c) of this Rule; and

(2)           the school director of the previous school offering submits to the director a certification of the particular topics and class hours attended and satisfactorily completed by the trainee during the original enrollment.

(c)  An authorization of limited enrollment in a subsequent course delivery permits the trainee to attend an offering of the "Telecommunicator Certification Course" commencing within 120 calendar days from the last date of trainee participation in prior course delivery, but only if the trainee's enrollment with active course participation can be accomplished within the period of the trainee's probationary certification:

(1)           the trainee need only attend and satisfactorily complete those portions of the course which were missed or identified by the school director as areas of trainee deficiency in the proper course participation;

(2)           following proper enrollment in the subsequent course offering, scheduled class attendance and active participation with satisfactory achievement in the course, the trainee would be eligible for administration of the State Comprehensive Examination by the Commission and possible certification of successful course completion; and

(3)           a trainee shall be enrolled as a limited enrollee in only one subsequent course offering within the 120 calendar days from the last date of trainee participation in prior course delivery. A trainee who fails to complete those limited portions of the course after one retest shall enroll in an entire delivery of the Telecommunicator Certification Course.

(d)  A trainee who is deficient in three or more subject-matter or topical areas at the conclusion of the course delivery shall complete a subsequent program in its entirety.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 17E‑4; 17E‑7;

Eff. April 1, 2001;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. March 6, 2018.